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The most common problems of entrepreneurs in Turkmenistan
Any problem has a solution
Lack of qualified personnel95%
Weak control over the business processes of the enterprise91%
Lack of business process technology85%
Low sales rate83%
We have found a solution on them and are ready to share with you!

Complex services

(implementation of 2 or more systems)
The effectiveness of providing complex consulting services is much higher than single ones.
Test: How resilient is your business to change?

Answer a few questions and find out if you and your company could overcome the global economic crisis.

How can we help?

Arassa nusga will help solve serious problems of modern business. Today we help companies of all levels and different industries improve the way they work and organize their business processes.


How to create technology in business?

Lack of business process technology is at the root of 85% of the problems identified in consulting companies. We will help you identify and optimize business processes.


How to monitor the accounting system in business processes?

Owners lose control while expanding their business and it becomes impossible to control all business processes. We will help to make the business transparent and controllable for the owner in real time.


How to create digital workflows?

We can help you move from the traditional paper exchange of documents to a more cost-effective digital process that reduces costs and time.


How to increase sales without dropping prices?

We will help you optimize standard processes and implement tools that will help increase work efficiency and reduce costs.


How to build a strong cohesive team of employees?

Personnel is the key to the success of any company. Recruiting has become a separate independent business process in successful companies. We will help you find and motivate qualified professionals.


Why do you need a brand and how to build your brand?

Branding – is a way to stand out from competitors and create your own delivery model.

"We see a colossal need of young Turkmen business for innovative methods of managing an organization.

We are ready to take on the role of a guide for those who strive for this."

Alexander Petrosov
CEO Arassa Nusga


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