Website building:

Learn CMS Tilda and create your first
website with a unique design
We constantly update the course so that you get the skills that employers need right now. Last update date is August 2022.
Tilda Publishing is a unique opportunity to create your own website without knowledge of programming languages. A convenient constructor helps you quickly, step by step, create a website with any design and put it into action.

Some developers believe that Tilda is just a toy designed for one-page sites, but this is not the case. The program is a platform with serious functionality and capabilities, which is constantly evolving and introducing new tools for web development.

Tilda is suitable for multi-page sites even up to five hundred pages, as well as for:

online stores; landings; longreads; special projects; portfolio online schools.

What will you learn in this course?

Creating a Landing Page
Creation of an online store
Optimize site for SEO
Connecting payment systems to CMC Tilda

Who is the programming course for?

Beginners in programming

Learn the basics of programming and choose a profession in the field of IT


IT solutions help businessmen to be competitive in the entrepreneurial market and integrate them with the existing infrastructure as efficiently as possible.

For those who want to change their profession

You will receive structured information that will become the basis for a start. Work remotely from anywhere in the world in international companies


Время прохождения — 10 дней по 3 часа.

practical tasks

final project

How does Tilda work?
Site control panel, creating a new page, page editing interface, adding blocks

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