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Learn the basics of management accounting and learn how to implement an accounting system in your company yourself!

We constantly update the course so that you get the skills that employers need right now. Last update date is August 2022.

An ERP system is a special software that automatically manages daily business processes: accounting, procurement and supply, employee work, risks and projects in general. With the help of the applications included in the package, you can plan operations, create a budget, create reports and analyze them. Today, ERP systems are becoming an integral part of the work of many organizations, regardless of their size.This course will help you learn the basics of management accounting. Thanks to the courses, you will acquire the skills that will allow you to become in-demand employees in the labor market! Courses are for everyone! Both for Operators and cashiers, and for heads of departments of companies and for IT Directors, for those who dream of implementing accounting systems themselves, for those who want to implement an accounting system in their company. For employees of the commercial department of the enterprise for consultants specializing in management accounting, as well as for IT Directors.


What will you learnin this course?

Accounting for purchases and sales, warehouse accounting
Production accounting
Financial accounting and budgeting

Who is the programming course for?

Beginners in programming

Learn the basics of programming and choose a profession in the field of IT


IT solutions help businessmen to be competitive in the entrepreneurial market and integrate them with the existing infrastructure as efficiently as possible.

For those who want to change their profession

You will receive structured information that will become the basis for a start. Work remotely from anywhere in the world in international companies


Время прохождения — 10 дней по 3 часа.

practical tasks

final project

Opening account cards
  • Breakdown into groups, commercial product, raw materials, semi-finished product, finished product and fixed assets
  • Distribution by units of measurement: Pieces, Kilograms, Meters, Liters
  • Binding to accounts
  • Product prescription
  • Work with prices (purchase and sales prices)

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