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HTML page layout (website layout) refers to the Frontend (frontend) part of the development of a professional website. The frontend is everything that the browser can read, display, or run. There are a large number of vacancies open for Frontend developers and Frontend developers are highly valued in the labor market around the world. Take the course and you will see that mastering the layout of html pages from scratch and becoming a front-end developer is within the power of everyone.


Чему вы научитесьна этом курсе?

Html and CSS Basics
How to work with tables and blocks
Working with Flexbox and Bootstrap
Media queries and responsive layout

Who is the programming course for?

Beginners in programming

Learn the basics of programming and choose a profession in the field of IT


IT solutions help businessmen to be competitive in the entrepreneurial market and integrate them with the existing infrastructure as efficiently as possible.

For those who want to change their profession

You will receive structured information that will become the basis for a start. Work remotely from anywhere in the world in international companies

Level: beginner

The passage time is 10 days for 3 hours.

practical tasks

final project

Introduction to HTML
  • What is HTML, CSS and their interaction
  • Text editor
  • Basic structure of an HTML document
  • Inline and block web page elements
  • Paired and unpaired tags
  • Working with tags and attributes
  • Working with links and anchors
  • Working with text and comments
  • Working with different color systems in HTML
  • Working with images
  • Numbered and bulleted lists

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