Logo Tiger 3

Logo ERP enable enterprises of all sizes and industries to centrally manage all their data and business processes end-to-end. Enterprises achieve more efficiency through Logo ERP which provides visibility, effective control and data reliability in all operations from production and purchase to foreign trade and sales. Automating operational processes, ERP also significantly reduces workload and provides time and cost savings. With Logo ERP solutions, more efficient business processes improve employee satisfaction, and more efficient management of processes improve customer satisfaction.Employees have different tasks and responsibilities regardless of the size of a company. If something goes wrong with any of these tasks, for whatever reason, negative consequences that affect the entire company may follow. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) allows automated management of all employees and all tasks from a single central point. This way, all resources and processes in the company are brought under effective control, human error is eliminated, and time and cost savings are achieved.

What should you look for when choosing an ERP solution?

Choosing an ERP is a critical decision that could shape the future of a business. The first thing to do is to correctly identify the business’s needs and areas of improvement, and make a decision accordingly. It is important to prefer a modular ERP solution that not only meets current needs, but is also flexible enough to meet future needs. To obtain maximum efficiency from ERP, you should choose a brand that knows the local market well, and offers features such as application continuity, guaranteed support, and compliance with local conditions and current legislation.Designed for the needs of medium-sized and large businesses, Logo Tiger 3 provides time and cost savings through effective and efficient management of all business processes from data management to sales operations.

Which businesses can use ERP?

Firms of all sizes, from micro businesses to large corporations, can improve their business processes with ERP and increase efficiency. The Logo ERP portfolio contains different solutions designed for different needs.Logo Tiger 3 offers medium-sized and large businesses the ability to easily manage all their activities from a single point and at a low cost. All activities from procurement processes to customer relations management can be managed centrally and consistently.
  1. Rich business functions for all business processes
  2. End-to-end management at a low cost
  3. Application-specific to manufacturing processes
  4. Tailor-made customization
  5. Single point management of grouped companies
We did for Brake Pad Production Company "GUNT"
Logo ERP (Accounting System) program introduction allowed: to control and monitor inventory, plan stocks, simplify document flow and minimize manual work, excluding errors, connected with human factor.
  • Lisence of LOGO Tiger 3
  • Installation services
  • Appendix with reports for management
  • Consulting services




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