Project details




Automation, Business card site, Mobile app


Mart 2021

Customer: Hayyat

Curator : Gulshat Petrosova

IT-solutions Roman Ikonnikov

Hayyat is one of the producers of high quality and excellent taste purified drinking water in Turkmenistan. They have a laboratory at their disposal where specialists achieve a balance of microelements necessary for humans and are engaged in quality control
The company "Arassa Nusga" was tasked with developing a website, competent filling of the resource with content and automation of business processes


  • Logo ERP Tiger 2 licensed management accounting system implementation;
  • Development of exclusive business intelligence tools based on Big Data;
  • Provision of train-consulting events on familiarization with the use of tools on business tools;
  • Site development business cards;
  • Development of a mobile app for the manager on management reporting (stocks, sales, credits, money, cash and bank);

What we did



Logo ERP (Accounting System) program introduction allowed: to control and monitor inventory, plan stocks, simplify document flow and minimize manual work, excluding errors, connected with human factor.


Arassa Nusga company prepared and visually designed a business card site for a company producing purified drinking water. The site includes: information about the company, contact form, services and contact form module in three languages (Russian, English, Turkmen)


A number of works on site promotion on the Internet and indexing the site in search engines


Optimization of graphics, integration of modern image formats

• Adaptivity

Web pages look great on a PC or laptop as well as on mobile devices and tablets

Mobile App:

An application has been prepared and developed for internal use by Altyn Yunus employees. In terms of its functionality, it has a wide range of features for all employees. Information in the application is differentiated by levels of access depending on the position held

• Dashboards

The development of dashboards allowed managers and employees to save time for more important tasks than filling out spreadsheets. It also provided the correctness and transparency of the data