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Automation, Corporate Website, Mobile Application, Optimization


October 2021

Customer: Gochdash

Curator: Roman Ikonnikov

IT-solutions : Emil Rustamov

Content: Myrat Odayev
Pavel Shevchenko

The company Gochdash was founded in 2005. The main activity: distribution of building materials, both imported and locally produced. The company's customers are both stores and end users, who can order products through the website. At the moment there are about 200 SKU in the assortment, which are sold in more than 500 outlets of the construction industry. Demand for the company's products is growing successfully in the market. The company is ready to move to the next stage of development. The company uses high-tech approach to business management and is one of the most advanced distributors of building materials in Turkmenistan. This company positions itself as one center between manufacturers, suppliers, sellers and consumers based on modern technologies. They work both with standard directions and distribution channels, and actively engaged online as well as offline, relying on their experience, knowledge and tools.

Arassa Nusga Company was given the task of developing a corporate website for a construction company, competent filling of the resource with content, a mobile application for the management staff, optimization and automation of business processes.


  • Corporate website development;
  • Logo ERP Go 3 licensed management accounting system implementation;
  • Providing advice on sales and finance;
  • Provision of advice to train-consulting activities to improve the skills of employees;
  • Development of business intelligence tools;
  • Development of a mobile app for the manager on management reporting (stocks, sales, credits, money, cash and bank);

What we did



Logo ERP (Accounting System) program introduction allowed: to control and monitor inventory, plan stocks, simplify document flow and minimize manual work, excluding errors, connected with human factor.

Corporate website:

Developed and designed a corporate website that has a wide functionality for all employees. Information on the site is differentiated by access levels depending on the position held. The site includes: a news line, a contact form module, a tag cloud, a catalog of goods, a reporting system, information about the company in three languages (English, Turkmen, Russian)


A number of works on site promotion on the Internet and indexing the site in search engines


Optimization of graphics, integration of modern image formats

• Adaptivity

Web pages look great on a PC or laptop as well as on mobile devices and tablets

Mobile App:

An application has been developed for the internal use of company employees. It has a wide range of functions for all employees. Information in the application is differentiated by levels of access depending on the position held.

• Dashboards

The development of dashboards has saved employees time for more important tasks than filling out spreadsheets. It also provided correctness and insight into the data.



Variation in the system is the "enemy" of quality and efficiency. Thus, the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) has helped optimize operations by setting a fixed set of steps for all employees to achieve a specific goal.


The presence of KPIs (key performance indicators) has increased productivity and profit, as well as increased transparency and business manageability.


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