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Daýhan Bank


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December 2022

Customer : Daýhan Bank

Curator : Роман Иконников

IT-solutions :Рустамов Эмиль

The State Commercial Bank of Turkmenistan, "Daýhanbank," has provided financing for the production costs of farmers and private landowners to produce goods that are part of the state order, and has provided financial and settlement services through banking services during the years of independence. The bank is guided by the main principle of developing the country's agriculture based on the National Program "Strategy of Economic, Political and Cultural Development of Turkmenistan for the period up to 2020."
Arassa Nusga was tasked with developing a mobile app

A mobile application has been developed to monitor and control your credit and deposit accounts, and to track transactions

What have we done

Mobile application development:

Arassa Nusga has prepared and visually designed a mobile application for the State Commercial Bank of Turkmenistan, "DaýhanBank."

The mobile application performs the functions of monitoring one's credit, deposit accounts, and tracking transactions.



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