Project details





Automation, Mobile application


July 2023

Customer : AkGar

Curator : Emil Rustamov

IT Solutions : Ismail Baylyyev,
Anastasiya Japbarova

AKGAR has been successfully providing products and services in the sugar market of Turkmenistan since 2005, being one of the leading companies in this sector. Aiming to offer reliable and high quality products, AkGar produces specialty products such as crystalline sugar, powdered sugar, cubic sugar, navat sugar, Mevlana sugar, hard sugar, soft sugar, lollipops, cocoa, soda, vanilla, baking powder, lemon salt.

The company "Arassa Nusga" was tasked with developing a mobile application and automating business processes


  • Implementation of a licensed management accounting system ERP Logo Tiger 3;
  • Development of exclusive business intelligence tools based on Big Data;
  • Development of a mobile application for the head of management reporting (stocks, sales, loans, money, cash and bank);

What have we done



The introduction of the Logo ERP program (from the English accounting system) made it possible to: control and monitor the balance of goods in warehouses, plan stocks, simplify document flow and minimize manual labor, eliminating errors associated with the human factor

• Dashboards

The development of dashboards allowed managers and employees of the company to save time for solving more important tasks than filling out tables. Also provided correctness and transparency of data


An application was prepared and developed for internal use by AkGar employees. In terms of its functionality, it has a wide range of opportunities for all employees. The information in the application is divided into levels of access depending on the position held.


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