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Ajap Onum


Automation, Mobile application, Optimization


February 2022

Customer : Gunt

Curator : Roman Ikonnikov

IT solutions : Emil Rustamov

Content: Murad Odeev
Pavel Shevchenko

Ajap Onum Economic Society produces reliable and high-quality brake pads for your safe driving. In addition, they try not to harm nature in the production of products. That's why they pay special attention to ensuring that their products and manufacturing facilities are environmentally friendly.

The company "Arassa Nusga" was tasked with developing a mobile application for management, optimizing and automating business processes.


  • Implementation of a licensed management accounting system Logo ERP Tiger 3;
  • Providing advice on sales and finance;
  • Providing advice on train-consulting activities to improve the skills of employees;
  • Development of business intelligence tools;
  • Development of a mobile application for the head of management reporting (stocks, sales, loans, money, cash and bank);

What have we done?



The introduction of the Logo ERP program (from the English accounting system) made it possible to: control and monitor the balance of goods in warehouses, plan stocks, simplify workflow and minimize manual labor, eliminating errors associated with the human factor.

Mobile app:

An application was developed for internal use by company employees. It has a wide range of functions for all employees. The information in the application is divided into levels of access depending on the position held.

• Dashboards

Разработка дашбордов позволила экономить сотрудникам время для решения более важных задач, чем заполнение таблиц. Также предоставила корректность и прозранчоть данных.



Variants in the system are the "enemy" of quality and efficiency. Thus, the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) helped in streamlining operations by establishing a consistent set of steps for achieving a specific goal by all employees of the company.


The presence of KPI (Key Performance Indicators) increased the growth of labor productivity and profit, as well as the growth of transparency and manageability of the business.


Business Center Arzuw, G. Kuliyev st. 2127, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
Business Center Arzuw, G. Kuliyev st. 24, 744000, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan


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