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Internet - Shop


December 2020

Customer: Dukanym.com

Curator : Roman Ikonnikov

IT-solutions: Emil Rustamov
Merdan Ochanov

Content: Pavel Shevchenko

Dukanym.com is a unique marketplace that brings together manufacturers, suppliers and shop owners. A new solution in the Internet distribution of goods. On our site, business owners can quickly order all the necessary goods of any category, and product suppliers receive an additional resource for selling their products throughout Turkmenistan. Dukanym.com is a quality product and convenient service that simplifies the work for those who are in business. Dukanym.com is an online directory with over 13 years of experience in the shipping industry. In a world where life is built on the principle of "either / or", we refused to compromise in order to live to the fullest. Now Dukanym.com only has "and..and.." Dukanym.com strives to ensure that Dukanym.com customers receive a quality product and convenient service, and extend more time for any activity with their loved ones.

The company "Arassa Nusga" was given the task of developing an online store, competently filling the resource with content.


  • Development of a ready-made website for an online store

What we did

Internet shop:

Arassa Nusga prepared and visually designed the online store. The store's website contains: information about the store, a catalog of goods in two languages (Russian and Turkmen), as well as a contact form module that allows you to leave a request, personal account services.


A number of works have been carried out to promote the site on the Internet and index the site in search engines


Optimization of graphics, integration of modern image formats for fast loading site

• Adaptivity

Web pages look great on a PC or laptop as well as on mobile devices and tablets

Mobile App:

A mobile application for an online store was developed. It has a wide range of functions and is easy to use.



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