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Ak Ýaýla


Ak Ýaýla


Mobile app


February 2023

Customer : Ak Ýaýla


Curator : Roman Ikonnikov


IT-solutions :Nastya Japbarova,
Ismail Baylyyev

Ak ýaýla offers a wide selection of all types of household appliances and furniture from the world's leading manufacturers

Arassa Nusga was tasked with developing a mobile app
Arassa Nusga has developed a mobile application to quickly find information about any of the company's products. The application is suitable for a large trading enterprise and provides:
  • The most simple and fast warehouse management;
  • High server response speed;
  • Accurate information about each item (name, cost, stock balance, etc.).

What have we done

Mobile application development:

Arassa Nusga prepared and developed a mobile application for Ak Ýaýla. The app is available on iOS and Android. The program is adapted for integration with the Logo accounting system.


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Business Center Arzuw, G. Kuliyev st. 24, 744000, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan


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