Stilli Dekor


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Stilli Dekor


Internet - Shop


February 2022

Customer: Stilli Dekor


Curator : Roman Ikonnikov


IT-solutions: Emil Rustamov


Content: Pavel Shevchenko

Stilli Dekor is an online store of unique decor items. We have selected an assortment that will add coziness and uniqueness to any space. In our store you can find decor items, decorative furniture, as well as handicrafts from local manufacturers. Here you can buy gifts for yourself and your loved ones.

The company "Arassa Nusga" was given the task of developing an online store, competently filling the resource with content.


  • Development of a ready-made website for an online store

What have we done


Arassa Nusga prepared and visually designed the online store. The store's website contains: information about the store, a catalog of goods in two languages (Russian and Turkmen), as well as a contact form module that allows you to leave an application, personal account services.


A number of works have been carried out to promote the site on the Internet and index the site in search engines


Graphics optimization, integration of modern image formats

• Adaptability

Web pages look great both on a personal computer or laptop, and on mobile devices and tablets

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