Polimer Plastik


Project details

Polimer Plastik


Polimer Plastik


Mobile app


May 2023

Customer : Polimer Plastik


Curator : Roman Ikonnikov


IT-solutions :Beshimova Karina

Polimer Plastik helps business owners and executives make informed, data-driven decisions and effectively manage their operations. Users can monitor various metrics in real time, such as revenue, profit, number of sales, and other indicators that allow you to assess the current state of the business. Graphs, charts, benchmarks, and other visuals help identify trends and patterns, as well as spot potential problems or opportunities for improvement.

Arassa Nusga was tasked with developing a mobile app

A mobile application with business dashboards has been developed to track and analyze key indicators of your business

What have we done

Mobile application development:

  1. The design of the mobile application "Polimer Plastik" has been prepared;
  2. Mobile application "Polimer Plastik" was developed;
  3. Mobile application was connected to the API.


Business Center Arzuw, G. Kuliyev st. 2127, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
Business Center Arzuw, G. Kuliyev st. 24, 744000, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan


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