Lotta Distribution


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Lotta Distribution


Automation, Corporate Website, Optimization, E-commerce


September 2020

Customer: Lotta Distribution

Curator: Gulshat Petrosova

IT-solutions : Roman Ikonnikov

Content: Emil Rustamov

"Lotta Distribution" is an experienced, flexible and trained company, which has been one of the leaders in the distribution business in the market of Turkmenistan for more than 13 years. The company is committed to the latest business technologies.

The company is positioning itself as a one-stop shop between manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and consumers, based on modern technologies, working both with standard distribution directions and channels and actively engaged in e-commerce, based on experience, knowledge and tools.

The goal of Lotta Distribution is to help the manufacturers of quality products and consumers find each other, to make the work of large network infrastructures as safe and effective as possible by implementing unique solutions that automate individual business processes.

The company "Arassa Nusga" was given the task to create a corporate website and competent filling of the resource with content, optimization of business processes and implementation of systems for using web technologies.


  • Corporate website development;
  • Logo ERP Tiger 2 licensed management accounting system implementation;
  • Implementation of customer relationship management system (CRM);
  • Implementation of customer relationship management system (CRM);
  • Dashboard Development;
  • Development of KPIs and methods for tracking them;
  • Creating a b2b online store;
  • Creating a b2c market;

What we did



Logo ERP (Accounting System) program introduction allowed: to control and monitor inventory, plan stocks, simplify document flow and minimize manual work, excluding errors, connected with human factor


The introduction of CRM has helped to improve the quality of customer service, increase sales and improve the reputation of the market as a whole

• Dashboards

The development of dashboards allowed managers and employees to save time for more important tasks than filling out tables. It also provided correctness and transparency of data

Corporate website:

A corporate website for employees was prepared and visually designed. With its brevity has a wide functionality for all employees. Information on the site is differentiated by access levels depending on the position held. The site includes a news line, a contact form module, knowledge base, reporting system, information about the company, as well as an information section and a section with vacancies, where a job seeker can see the list of all current vacancies and leave his application


A number of works on site promotion on the Internet and indexing the site in search engines


Optimization of graphics, integration of modern image formats

• Adaptivity

Web pages look great on a PC or laptop as well as on mobile devices and tablets



Variation in the system is the "enemy" of quality and efficiency. Thus, the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) has helped optimize operations by setting a fixed set of steps for all employees to achieve a specific goal


The presence of KPIs (key performance indicators) has increased productivity and profit, as well as increased transparency and business manageability.


• Creating a b2b online store

Dukanym.com.tm is a unique b2b trading platform, uniting manufacturers, suppliers and store owners. A new solution in online distribution of goods. On the site store owners can promptly order all necessary goods for sale in their store, and goods suppliers get an additional resource for selling their products through outlets in Turkmenistan.

• Creating a b2c market

Bazarym.com is the leading b2c online shopping platform in Turkmenistan. Helps connect sellers with millions of loyal customers, while providing sellers with uncomplicated tools for business development


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