Fundamentals of Robotics:

Design your own build project
working gadget on the Arduino platform using
knowledge and skills acquired in our classes.

Robotics is the design, construction and programming of all kinds of intelligent mechanisms - robots with a modular structure and powerful microprocessors.

When developing automated systems, a roboticist relies on knowledge of electronics, mechanics, cybernetics and other disciplines. Also, when solving such problems, they are guided by the information obtained in the lessons of physics, mathematics and computer science. Our robotics classes cover all of these sciences, helping students discover them on a new level.
Today, mankind has almost come close to the moment when robots will be used in all spheres of life. Automation has reached a level at which technical objects perform not only the functions of processing material objects, but also begin to perform maintenance and planning. Humanoid robots already serve as secretaries and guides. Robotics has already been singled out as a separate industry.

We constantly update the course so that you get the skills that employers need right now. Last update date is August 2022.

What will you learn in this course?

Basics of electronics
Introduction to Arduino
Introduction to programming
Working with smart home elements

Who is the programming course for?

Beginners in programming

Learn the basics of programming and choose a profession in the field of IT


IT solutions help businessmen to be competitive in the entrepreneurial market and integrate them with the existing infrastructure as efficiently as possible.

For those who want to change their profession

You will receive structured information that will become the basis for a start. Work remotely from anywhere in the world in international companies


The passage time is 10 days for 3 hours.

practical tasks

final project

The structure of robotics
design, assembly and programming

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