Course E-commerce

The course will introduce you to the OpenCart platform. You will learn how to add product cards on your own, create navigation logic for categories and sections, work with a wide variety of modules, work with page layouts, and much more.
We constantly update the course so that you get the skills that employers need right now. Last update date is August 2022.

A content manager is a specialist who is engaged in suitable content for websites and online stores. It depends on his work how the site looks, what is presented on it, provides fresh and relevant material on the company's platforms. Now almost every organization has a website or an online store, and every leader wants his site to be liked by users and visited as often as possible.

The duties of the content manager of an online store may include a fairly large number of items. However, its main task in most cases is to add new product cards to the site. And already secondary tasks are working with articles on the site, creating categories, new sections, placing banners on the site, etc.


What will you learnin this course?

Work on OpenCart
SEO optimization of an online store
Distribution of goods by categories
Adding product cards

Who is the programming course for?

Beginners in programming

Learn the basics of programming and choose a profession in the field of IT


IT solutions help businessmen to be competitive in the entrepreneurial market and integrate them with the existing infrastructure as efficiently as possible.

For those who want to change their profession

You will receive structured information that will become the basis for a start. Work remotely from anywhere in the world in international companies


The passage time is 10 days for 3 hours.

practical tasks

final project

What is e-commerce
Introduction to E-commerce