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January 2022

Customer: Yigit

Curator : Roman Ikonnikov

IT solutions :Emil Rustamov

Yigit Economic Society was founded in 2008. Starting from 2015, the company begins its ascent in the field of agribusiness and takes under its control a territory with a total area of 1000 hectares. In 2018, the first stage of the GREENHOUSE greenhouse complex was erected with an area of 100,000 m2, with a production capacity of 3,600,000 kilograms of tomato varieties per year. Also in 2019, work was completed on the construction of 2 more greenhouse complexes with a total area of 200,000 m2. In total, the production capacity has grown to 12,000,000 kg of tomato per year.

Arassa Nusga was entrusted with the implementation and maintenance of Bitrix24,


  • Analysis of the customer's business processes;
  • Deployment of Bitrix 24;;
  • Setting up business processes;
  • Consulting system administrators;
  • Business card website development;

What have we done


How did the implementation of Bitrix 24 make it possible to: solve the main task of automating CRM capabilities and related internal communications, control and simplify the workflow and minimize manual labor by eliminating human error?


A number of works have been carried out to promote the site on the Internet and index the site in search engines


Graphics optimization, integration of modern image formats

• Adaptability

Web pages look great both on a personal computer or laptop, and on mobile devices and tablets