Altyn Yunus


Project details

Altyn Yunus


Altyn Yunus


Automation, Mobile App


June 2021

Customer: Altyn Yunus

Curator : Gulshat Petrosova

IT-solutions: Roman Ikonnikov

Altyn Yunus" individual enterprise is engaged in the production of high quality food products and has ten years of experience in this field.

In addition, Altyn Yunus distributes several foreign products. Their company has a dedicated team to deliver foreign goods to retail outlets across the country in a timely manner. They also help other local manufacturers to deliver their products to various retail outlets on time.

Arassa Nusga was tasked with developing a mobile application and automating business processes


  • Implementation of licensed management accounting system ERP Logo Tiger 3;
  • Development of exclusive business intelligence tools based on Big Data;
  • Provision of advice to train-consulting activities to improve the skills of employees;
  • Assessment of employee competence using HR tools;
  • Development of a mobile app for the manager on management reporting (stocks, sales, credits, money, cash and bank);


What we did



Logo ERP (Accounting System) program introduction allowed: to control and monitor warehouse remains, plan stocks, simplify document circulation and minimize manual work, excluding errors, connected with human factor

Mobile App:

An application has been prepared and developed for internal use by Altyn Yunus employees. Its functionality has a wide range of features for all employees. Information in the application is differentiated by levels of access depending on the position held.

• Dashboards

The development of dashboards allowed managers and employees to save time for more important tasks than filling out tables. It also provided correctness and transparency of data