Ak Dag


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Website business card


February 2022

Customer: Ak Dag

Curator : Roman Ikonnikov

IT-solutions: Emil Rustamov

Content: Rowshan Durdyev

The AkDag company has been on the production market since 2017 and has been a leader in the sale of automatic gates, rolling systems, pergolas, guillotine glazing and awnings. Akdag has established itself as a reliable partner for cooperation in the market. Due to rapidly developing trends and business realities, the company needed a bright, stylish website.

Our company developed and visually designed a business card website for Akdag. It has wide functionality.


  • Business card site development;

What have we done


A number of works have been carried out to promote the site on the Internet and index the site in search engines.


Graphics optimization, integration of modern image formats.

• Adaptability

Web pages look great both on a personal computer or laptop, and on mobile devices and tablets